Call for the Expression of Interest to host the INDEPTH Headquarters


 INDEPTH Network is looking for an established university or research institution to host its headquarters team of about 5-6 staff.

The main purpose of this move is to partner with an established research institution in a way that allows the headquarters of the Network to leverage the scientific research environment and capabilities of the host institution in the facilitation of INDEPTH’s own research activities.

Important Note:

  1. The host institution will make it possible for INDEPTH Network to operate as an independent entity, i.e., manage all its activities including its finances. INDEPTH staff will manage INDEPTH grants and facilitate the implementation of work on those grants.
  2. The host institution will allow INDEPTH’s governance structure to function as described below.
  3. The Executive Director will be exclusively recruited by the INDEPTH Board. The Executive Director will report to the INDEPTH Board and INDEPTH Staff will be recruited by the Executive Director in consultation with the INDEPTH Board. INDEPTH salary and benefits packages will be determined by the INDEPTH Board.
  4. In addition to the Executive Director, it is anticipated that approximately the following senior staff will form the INDEPTH team to be hosted by the institution. A final decision on staffing will be made in early 2018:

    ·    A Senior Science Programme Manager;
    ·    A Finance Manager;
    ·   An ICT/Data Manager; and
    ·   An Administrator.

  5. INDEPTH academic publications will be affiliated in the style “INDEPTH Network, University of Somewhere, CountryX”, so that the host institution gains academic credit from hosting INDEPTH.

Institutions interested in hosting the INDEPTH Headquarters are now invited to submit applications.

Applications from universities and legally registered and well-established research institutions in Africa, Asia and the Pacific will be accepted (physical location in Africa, Asia or the Pacific is required, though a host’s parent institute may be headquartered anywhere in the world).

Applications should be submitted by email as a single PDF file (developed from the template provided below) to:

Prof. Tumani Corrah
Executive Director, African Research Excellence Fund, The Gambia
Chair of the INDEPTH Board

  Download PDF