INDEPTH actively utilises Strategic Groups/Working Groups/ Interest Groups dedicated to key issues of interest to the Network to act as generators and incubators for multi-centre research and development projects. Each  Group has a leader who is responsible for reporting on the group's progress.

  • INDEPTH encourages and supports groups of scientists interested in pursuing specific projects that could emerge as multi-centre projects. The leader is usually the person who has suggested the group to the Secretariat and he/she assumes... Read more

  • Working Groups (WGs) are a critical vehicle through which the Network performs its scientific activities and addresses priority issues.

    WGs focus on specific research topics or projects or programmes that have been identified as of... Read more

  • INDEPTH Strategic Groups (SGs) are constituted to help the Secretariat pursue the three Strategic Objectives of INDEPTH:

    • To strengthen the capacity of INDEPTH member centres to conduct longitudinal health and demographic studies... Read more