Mamusu Kamanda

Organisation: INDEPTH Network, Ghana

Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow; Acting Head Science Research and Co-ordination

Dr. Kamanda is the Acting Head for the Science Research and Co-ordination Section at the INDEPTH Secretariat. She also works as a post-doctoral research fellow focusing on the Education Programme of the Network. Prior to joining INDEPTH, Dr. Kamanda was at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom where in December 2013 she successfully completed a PhD in Social Statistics. Her thesis was on primary and secondary school attendance in West Africa. At Southampton, she completed her BSc in Sociology and Social Policy (2006-2009) and an MSc in Social Statistics (2009-2010). Her main research activities have focused on education and child health/wellbeing in poor and post-conflict contexts. Further, she is interested in the application of advanced statistical models to quantitative data in both cross-sectional and longitudinal forms. Dr. Kamanda has published on children’s schooling in low- and middle-income countries in: the International Journal of Educational Development, Compare and Global Health.