Nouna HDSS

Nouna Health Research Centre
Burkina Faso
93 000

The Nouna Health Research Centre (CRSN) is one of the four research institutes of the Ministry of Health. It has been running an HDSS since 1992.The Nouna HDSS is located within the Nouna health district catchment area in northwest Burkina Faso, 300 km from the capital city, Ouagadougou. The HDSS area is characterized by a Sub-Saharan climate with a mean annual rainfall of 800mm with fairly constant average daily min. (20-28.1°C) and max temperature (29.5-37.2°C) throughout the year. Rainfall occurs from Mai-September. The region consists of “Plateaux” with gentle slopes and drained by several small semi-permanent streams. The HDSS catchment area is about 1775 Km² with the specificity of covering both rural and semi-urban areas. The population is about 90,000 residing in 11,750 households across 58 villages and Nouna town. Subsistence farming is the predominant occupation.