Inaugural workshop of ANDLA, Nairobi, Kenya

Inaugural workshop of the African Non-Communicable Disease Longitudinal Data Alliance (ANDLA)

Alliance has been recently funded by a UK Medical Research Council  Global Challenges Research Fund foundation award, to collate  longitudinal data from six African partners to conduct pooled and
comparative analyses on NCD. Initial planned analyses include risk of cardiovascular mortality associated with different risk factors, and  HIV-associated cancer mortality.

Expected outcome of the meeting
- Terms of reference for group
- Data sharing agreements
- Understanding of availability of relevant data
- Planned analyses

Karonga HDSS (Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit)
Ifakara Urban HDSS (Ifakara Health Institute)
Kisesa HDSS
Masaka General Population Cohort (Medical Research Council/Uganda Virus
Research Institute)
Agincourt HDSS (University of Witwatersrand, School of Public Health)
Africa Population Health Research Centre (APHRC)