Five keys to improving research costing in low- and middle- income countries

2 Feb 2017

Research institutions in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are critical to the pursuit of country-led research agendas. It is essential that these institutions both develop and maintain their research environments to sustain high-quality research. Access to adequate funding is clearly essential. While access to funds is a huge challenge for research institutions all over the world, it is even more critical in LMICs where governments are often not in a position to prioritize and fund research. Certainly, much of the financing for health research that takes place in LMICs is derived from foreign sources. There are a multiplicity of sources of funding within sustained research environments such as governments, councils, funders and philanthropists. In the current global context, in which competition for a finite pool of research funding is constantly increasing, improving access to funding is ever more relevant for LMICs and for the donors that wish to support them. Read more