Network projects

  • ‎AWI-Gen

    Genomic study of body composition and cadiometabolic disease risk

    Responding to challenges for scaling up quality family planning & reproductive heal
  • iHOPE

    Household Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditures - Tracking for Disease Specific Healt...
  • iSHARE2

    A repository for well-documented anonymised longitudinal microdata from HDSSs

    Conference on 'Optimising the impact and cost-effectiveness of child hea...

    Assess, compare community-based antibiotics access and consumption

    Health and Aging in Africa: Longitudinal Studies in three INDEPTH Communities
  • Malaria Vaccine

    RTS,S: Safety and malaria transmission intensity studies, Post-Approval

    Effectiveness and safety studies of antimalarial drugs in Africa by Africans

Data & Stats


    An online, free-access archive INDEPTH datasets, some underlying INDEPTHStats; for the research data user.
  • INDEPTHStats

    Displays yearly health and demographic indicators from INDEPTH; for researchers, government oficials and policymakers.



    INDEPTH  has  53 HDSS Field Sites , 46 Research Centres in 20 Countries, and in 3 Continents

    INDEPTH has the following three categories of Groups: Strategic Groups, Working Groups and Interest Groups.
  • INDEPTH Secretariat

    The INDEPTH Secretariat plays a pivotal role in implementing Network activities. Network members may contact us at any time.
  • INDEPTH Resources

    Access our Publications, Resource Kit for HDSSs, Tools and more...


  • 29 Apr 2016

    End malaria for good

    Each year on April 25, the world marks World Malaria Day to highlight global efforts to control malaria and mobilise action to combat the disease....
  • 28 Apr 2016

    Taabo HDSS organises feedback seminar

    The Taabo HDSS on 22 and 26 April organised a feedback seminar in Taabo and Abidjan for the communities and authorities in the Taabo District...
  • 21 Apr 2016

    INDEPTH ED presents CHESS innovation at major health forum

    INDEPTH Network Executive Director, Prof. Osman Sankoh, on 20 April 2016 presented CHESS during a session on SDGs Metrics at the Geneva Health...
  • 20 Apr 2016

    Prof. Corrah to serve on INDEPTH Board

    The Director of the Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) Professor Tumani Corrah has joined the INDEPTH Board. Prof. Corrah is also the MRC’s...
  • 18 Apr 2016

    Vadu study links rising mercury to mortality

    Extreme high temperatures can be fatal. While mercury is rising towards record temperatures across several parts of the state, this first study in...

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