Pali Lehohla, INDEPTH's Deputy Board Chair, steps down as head of Statistics South Africa

27 Oct 2017

Pali Lehohla is the INDEPTH Network deputy Board chair.  He steps down as head of Statistics South Africa after 17 years of committed service to the institution.  In announcing the news on Wednesday 25 October 2017 at a ceremony in South Africa the cabinet minister had this to say: Lehohla, under your leadership, Stats SA is universally considered as the best national statistics office on the continent.

Walking with you at the UN Headquarters in the US recently, and noting how people across the globe recognize you and embrace your efforts was a lesson in extraordinary commitment and a testimony to your resilence,"he said.

The cabinet minister praised Pali for his valuable commitment and announced that preparations were underway for a function befitting his contribution to Stats SA.  Read more